International Hybrid Rice Symposium


Heralding an era of low carbon footprint hybrids



The International Hybrid Rice Symposium (IHRS) is a meeting spearheaded by IRRI’s Hybrid Rice Development Consortium (HRDC) and is held every 4 years. Attended by 300-500 experts in the field of hybrid rice, IHRS is being conducted in different countries and coordinated with the host government’s rice research institution. It aims to provide the latest scientific knowledge among its members and fellow researchers specializing in and studying hybrid rice and related concepts. It also serves as a platform to discuss the challenges in hybrid rice research and its adoption.


This year, the IHRS theme “Heralding an era of low carbon footprint hybrids” focuses on the effect of rice production on climate change, with a special emphasis on carbon footprint. Rice production is both affected by and a contributor to climate change. The inputs used and the management practices applied contribute to the increasing greenhouse gas emissions across the globe. HRDC, which engages with both private and public institutions, promotes climate-resilient hybrid rice that can withstand the effect of climate change. Previous editions of IHRS include Changsha, China (1986 and 2008), Manila, Philippines (1994), Hyderabad, India (1996 and 2012), Hanoi, Vietnam (2003), and Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2018).


  1. Hybrid Rice Genetics and Breeding
  2. Seed Production
  3. Crop and Resource Management
  4. New Technology Application
  5. Hybrid Rice Economics
  6. National Policies and Public-Private Engagement on Hybrid Rice
  1. To review progress made in hybrid rice R&D and production in recent years.
  2. To create a discussion platform to tackle the challenges of further hybrid rice research and production.
  3. Provide an excellent scientific program that will contribute to a scientific advancement of knowledge by offering hybrid rice scientists around the world the possibility to enhance their skills in the fields of Rice Development, Seed Production, Applications of Molecular Technology, Crop and Resource Management and Economics.*
  4. A commercial venue for industry partners to raise its profile through this event -- sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are available thus affording sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to interact personally with participants.*
  5. Showcase the Philippines as an agricultural country that is rich in natural resources and one of the best countries to develop hybrid rice.
  6. IHRS is carefully designed for those in the industry of hybrid rice breeding, research, trading and policy formulation.*

Key Recommendations from the 2018 Symposium in Indonesia:


  1. Inclusion of rice processing technology
  2. Country reports should present the current hybrid rice development in their respective country
  3. Include presentations on the advanced technologies related to hybrid rice
  4. Practical application of hybrid rice technology to improve status in Asia
  5. Strengthening and promoting hybrid rice for wide-scale adoption
  6. Conduct training and capacity building to value the benefits of hybrid rice
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