16-19 October 2023
International Rice Congress


6th International Rice Congress 2023

Accelerating Transformation of Rice-Based Food Systems: From Gene to Globe




The International Rice Congress is a scientific platform for rice-based food systems innovators to work towards shaping a food- and nutrition-secure future. Convened by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) every four years, the Congress brings together scientists, experts, and decision makers from the government, private, and public sectors to formulate evidence-based solutions to some of the biggest challenges of the global rice sector.

Previous IRC editions were held in Beijing (2002), New Delhi (2006), Hanoi (2010), Bangkok (2014), and Singapore (2018). This 2023, IRC will be held for the first time in the Philippines, the home country of IRRI Headquarters.  


6th International Rice Congress Organizers


International Rice Research Institute
A member of CGIAR


Republic of the Philippines
Department of Agriculture

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The 6th International Rice Congress will be held at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC)

Rice is not just an important commodity, it is food deeply ingrained into the culture and heritage of the Philippines and many other Asian countries.  The PICC, itself an iconic landmark structure and Asia’s first international convention center, will serve as a fitting backdrop for IRC 2023. 


IRC 2023 will gather stakeholders from across the world to discuss a research agenda that will drive the development of solutions to accelerate urgently needed transformations in the rice sector. Moreover, it will also provide an inclusive and safe space to share and debate new ideas and suggestions, to forge partnerships, and to explore opportunities. The themes of IRC 2023 will encompass concepts from the smallest scale of genes through fields, farms, landscapes, and value chains, all the way up to national and global levels.

Look back on IRC2018 Conversations here:

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IRC 2023 will host various events and activities of interest to all stakeholders, from the scientific and research communities  to NARES and regional development organizations. Private sector groups from global corporations to agripreneurial startups will also find a platform to showcase their innovations, build their networks, and secure partnerships and investments.  And NGOs and farmer groups can have an opportunity to be heard and their challenges addressed.


International Rice Research Conference

The main event of IRC 2023, the International Rice Research Conference will gather key experts and thought leaders from all over the world to discuss emerging, current, and future challenges of rice-based food systems, and present exciting and innovative solutions.


IRC Exhibition

The IRC 2023 Exhibition will provide an exciting venue for stakeholders to showcase their innovations and technologies, and will offer unique opportunities for creating awareness, collaboration, and investment. 


International Hybrid Rice Symposium

IHRS will bring together the world's leading hybrid rice stakeholders from the public and private sectors to share their knowledge and forge partnerships in advancing hybrid rice technologies for food security. 


Sustainable Rice Platform Symposium

Gathering its members and stakeholders from around the world, this symposium will showcase SRP's achievements from across the rice value chain and discuss new opportunities and plans for making the rice sector more sustainable and equitable for farmers.


IRC 2023 is expecting over 2000 delegates representing the entire rice value chain. Showcase your company or organization’s brand and advocacy by being one of our conference sponsors.

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Silver sponsors

IRC 2023 will feature game changing technologies and agriculture solutions. Showcase your best innovations with us.


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For general inquiries, email the IRC 2023 Secretariat at ricecongress@irri.org



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