Contributed and Sponsored Events



Contributed events

  • Foresight to accelerate food systems transformation
  • Leveraging Africarice-IRRI collaboration to advance global rice-based agri-food systems for food and nutrition security in SSA
  • New evidences on adoption and impacts of rice innovations: What do we know so far?
  • Promoting the implementation of scalable agricultural technologies in the Asia-Monsoon region
  • Diversified rice-based food systems to enhance resilience and provide nutritious and healthy diets – The One CGIAR and partners experience
  • Closing rice yield gaps in Asia: Innovations, scaling, and policies for environmentally sustainable lowland rice production
  • Global rice policy handbook
  • South-South collaboration to address agile agri-food systems: A case of seed systems
  • IRRI-India’s contribution to rice food and nutritional security
  • World rice market and trade restrictions
  • Scaling up sustainable rice-based production system - Understanding the farmers’ needs
  • Sustainable energy from rice straw for rice farming communities in Asia
  • Seeding success: Mastering direct seeded rice
  • Agronomy solutions to boost agricultural productivity: Scaling interventions and strategies by Excellence in Agronomy in Asia and Africa
  • Rice sector transformation in Bangladesh and Nepal: Status, challenges, and visions
  • Genome editing for sustainable rice farming

Sponsored events

  • Enabling carbon markets in the rice sector
  • CGIAR Gender Platform
  • Coping with salinity in Asian mega-deltas
  • State of the science behind the scalable MRV technology for supporting climate finance for low carbon rice at scale
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